Sep 192015

Coleman Two Burner StoveWe have now used this stove for three weeks of cumulative truck camping in the Sierras.

We purchased the stove because it offered the use of both Coleman fuel and unleaded gasoline.  We have found multi-fuel capability to be important, with gasoline a readily available fuel in all countries we have visited.  Stoves built to only use one fuel are limited, and this is particularly true of those that require a proprietary, pre-filled bottle that may not be available when and where you need it.

This stove is simple in construction and simple to operate.  That is a positive.

At elevations of 3000′ to 8000′ feet, it has been slower than our MSR Whisperlite Internationale to bring a 16 ounce pot of water to boil.  That is mostly a function of greater distance from the burner to the grate.

The stove has two burners.  The primary burner produces noticeably more heat than the secondary burner.

Fuel consumption has been surprisingly low.  Three weeks into a two-gallon can of gasoline, and the can was still more than half full.  That was with daily use for morning coffee, breakfast, and dinner.

Overall, we are pleased with this purchase.


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